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Canadian free StuffIn our efforts to find the best freebies and free stuff for Canadians we came across a bundle of them today so we thought we would share all of them on the same page (because we are lazy and because it makes freebie hunters lives a little easier). Now you may not like or need all these freebies so choose the ones that appeal to you, remember to sign up with a different email address (avoid potential spam) and use a cool name (just because it’s funny when you receive post to someone called “Mr McLovin”). If you think this page is just awesome then let us know (Make A Comment), we may just keep adding freebies to this post instead. Or you can share it with your friends on facebook etc (just click on the fb image at the end of this post where it says share)

Offer from: J&D’s
Freebie: Free sample of bacon salt

Offer from: McCruelty
Freebie: The free pack of brand-new stickers and leaflets that will help you spread the word about McDonald’s treatment of chickens

Offer from: Safeway
Freebie: Free Safeway reusable bag

Offer from: Natures Bounty
Freebie: Free pedometer with signing up for Nature’s Bounty newsletter

Offer from: eb5
Freebie: Free sample of eb5 facial cream

Offer from: Country Bobs
Freebie: Steak sauce freebie

Offer from: Salon and Day Spa
Freebie: Free Lemon Coffee Body Scrub Sample

Offer from: Joint Oats 4 Dogs
Freebie: Free Joint treatment for dogs


  1. stephen says:

    Hey everyone, Mort emailed us to let us know that the natures bounty and country bob ones don’t work anymore. just a heads up.

  2. Mr McLovin says:

    the Natures Bounty site has no way of putting my province in the address.Kinda tuff to get the free pedometer don’t ya think????????????

    • stephen says:

      Try putting a comma (,) after your city and entering your province, should do the trick. Let us know if you get the promo or if it fails, if it is no longer valid for Canadians let us know.

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