Celebrate your Baby with Free Baby Items

It’s no secret that babies can get expensive. I was never able to fully grasp exactly how much since I don’t have any yet. But a friend of mine who recently became a father confessed that it could run upwards of $1500 a year just on formula. It was baffling to me and it made me open my eyes to how big the costs could be. My objective here is not to put a price tag on something so precious, but I’m aware that a lot of couponers have families with little tykes of their own. So I decided that this was the perfect time to write about a site called NewBornBabyItems.com.

It’s similar to Similac and Pampers, in a sense; you sign your baby and yourself up to receive free coupons and samples. Where this site differs is that it’s not just limited to one company, but has multiple partnerships with various companies and it’s constantly changing. They are always striking deals with suppliers to bring new and unique offers to parents.Happy Baby They also tailor your samples and coupons for your child; sending your newborn items if you have one and Barbie promotions — if you have a girl. You can find a listing here of the suppliers.

I know I’m going to be telling my friend about this site and I even signed up another who has twins! Maybe I can finally get them into Barbie dolls and away from Justin Bieber dolls (seriously, they exist)…

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