Clairol Canada Mystery Freebie

clairol productsCatchy title huh? Well it makes sense given that we don’t know (any nobody does) what product(s) Clairol are giving away in this facebook freebie.

On May 13th 2011 facebook users (there are a few of out there) have the opportunity to ‘Like’ the Clairol page to get a free coupon for a free product(s).

Like this promo on facebook to get your freebie

We asked around and no one seems to know what their giveaway is, Clairol call it ‘something bold’, so I’m imagining it’s something to do with hair dye. If someone claims this freebie please make a comment below so that we all know what’s on offer to see if it’s worth ‘Liking’ this offer.

Clairol are a big brand name in the world of hair products, from hair dye to shampoo and more. They are a brand we trust, my girlfriend has used their home hair dye before and likes the results, but it’s one of those things that is probably better done by the professionals as dye can be somewhat toxic if not used properly.

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  1. raldin says:

    clairol sent me a free coupon for one natural instincts hair color….great stuff since I color my hair every now and then..

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