My My, How Can I Resist You? Free Mamma Mia Tea at David’s Tea

Just in time for Mother’s Day, David’s Tea has released an incredible promotion: on orders of $50 or more, you will be given 50g of free Mamma Mia Tea.

According to their description of the tea:

This bright, rosy-pink tea has everything you need to feel loved. There’s calming hibiscus, warming cinnamon and reassuring rooibos. Sweet pineapple, papaya and peaches. Comforting rosehips, apples, elderberries and raisins. Uplifting mallow blossoms. Supportive orange peel. Caring pieces of coconut and almond. It’s a jumble of love and support and happiness. Word to your mamma. Caffeine-free.

Find your nearest David’s Tea with their handy store locator.

Of course, we just couldn’t resist sharing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” video, released in 1975:

Find out more about David’s Tea Mother’s Day free tea at their Facebook page.

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