How to get Free Smart Phone Apps

Starbucks is in the giving mood this month. If you happen to be visiting one of their stores or know of one in your area drop in and look for the free ‘Pick of the Week Cards‘ which should be on the counter (if they have some left), if not ask them at the counter if they have any more. If you don’t know where your local Starbucks is then use this handy Starbucks store locator.

About now you are thinking what do these cards do? Well basically they allow you to get a free app, just like they do with music (if you didn’t know this then welcome to the world of frugalness). This week’s free app is a good one. it’s for EA’s popular Scrabble App. No idea why EA is making a scrabble app, but I have friends who work for EA; so errrr… well done, I’m sure it’s awesome!

Once you have found one of these marvelous cards at Starbucks, follow the instructions on how to get the free app. This week’s one usually sells for $1.99 so you’re lucky, and no purchase necessary.

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