Free Box of Triscuits

Box of TriscuitsAnother delicious freebie this week, this one comes from Triscuits, and if you have a Facebook account and want to take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule then you can claim a free box.

Simply ‘Like’ their facebook offer page (I think you need to sign up as well and then wait a month of so for your coupon to arrive, they will also send you a handy recipe book, but I think we all know what do do with Triscuits (i.e. put cheese, pate and other lovely goodness on them to make them less healthy)

When I checked there were already 24,000 people who liked this freebie, and I don’t know how many coupons they are going to give away but this sure is an expensive promotion for them. I assume you can redeem the coupon at any store that sells the biscuits (but don’t quote me on that, wait to see what it says on the coupon when you get it). I’ve claimed mine, now it’s time to claim yours;

Claim your free box of Triscuits

I checked their website;, and I couldn’t believe just how many flavours they had. By the looks of it they are also trying to brand themselves as a nice accompaniment to a glass of wine. Use the below facebook like button to tell all of your friends where you heard about this offer.

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