Free Burberry ‘Body’ fragrance sample

Burberry BodyAt the time of writing (23rd August 2011) there were 8 days and 8 hours left on the countdown clock over at Burberry’s facebook page for this promo. Freebie hunters like me were quick on the bandwagon to ‘like’ this promotion in order to receive a free sample (1.5ml) of Burberry’s Body Fragrance. The free sample is for women (no I don’t ant to smell like a women, I always get freebies for my girlfriends or friends and family).

Burberry describe this scent to be sensual and feminine, I have actually smelled some of Burberry fragrances before and I always find them a little overwhelming and not very long lasting, how about you?

Claim your free Burberry fragrance sample

Due to high demand some people have informed me that the freebie takes a little while to process. Once you get to their page click on the part of the image that says ‘request sample’, it may be a no-brainer, but it took me a couple of glances to find what to do. First you enter your country (this is open to a whole host of countries believe it or not), then you need to grant them access to your facebook profile (something I truly hate) or and for them to post the deal on your wall (I think this is them trying to make the promo go viral). Then of course you need to enter your address for them to send the sample. After that you should get a confirmation message like ‘Your request was successful and you will soon receive your Burberry Body sample’.

How did your process go?

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  1. Harry says:

    Done, I’m like you, whenever there is a freebie going around I grab it regardless of what it is. I have 2 packs of pampers at home and I don’t have kids, I just can’t say no to free stuff.

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