Free Coffee Promotion at McDonald’s Is Back

Free McDonalds CoffeeUpdate: The promotion is now back and going on until the 6th of November.

And it’s back again! Starting on February 28th McDonalds restaurants located in Canada are going to be offering free small coffees again. It looks like it’s going to be the same restrictions as for the last free coffee promotion they ran in November; one per customer per visit, no purchase necessary. And this should be going on all day long until March 6th, which gives you just about a week to enjoy free coffee at any McDonalds restaurants in Canada. Time to give McDonalds coffee a try!

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  1. Ray Tessier says:

    We were on holidays in east coast maritimes collecting free coffee stickers where you collect 7 coupons to recieve one free coffee when we got back home we went to walmart in sudbury lasalle branch where they told me they do not paticipate in the contest,and would not onour coupons ,but on the coupons it says that they are good in ontario so we have 10 free coffee coupons for ten coffees that are no good for us,all coffee was bought at walmart mcdonalds, this is not right. thank Ray

  2. JDoe says:

    McDonald’s coffee is actually pretty solid, if you’re addicted to any of the other consumer brands (starbucks, tim horton’s, etc) it’s pretty much on par. For free… how can you go wrong? I’ve made the switch.

    • Stephen says:

      You know what? I’ve only had it once, when they first introduced their coffee and I remember it being as good as Timmy’s. But I don’t think it could beat Starbucks, well in price it most definitely can :)

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