Free David’s Tea May 12th-13th for Nurses & Mothers

I think all I really needed was the title here. It says it all.

To expand on that for kicks and giggles David’s tea (the guys that charge 4x as much for tea as anyone else ~ don’t get me wrong I love the stuff) are giving a free cup of tea to nurses on May 12th 2014 for Mothers.

I understand the Mothers Day part but not the nurses bit, is it national nurse day in Canada on Saturday? (~ actually I just found out it’s International nurses day, which is 1 up on national lol) If you are a nurse or a mother how are you meant to prove it? There are no more details than that on their newsletter unfortunately. I assume you can get a take away or drink in tea.

Did you get your free cup? I’m going to see if one of my friends who is a mum will get me a cuppa, I want the bon bon one, it’s awesome. There are David’s Tea stores like everywhere now, find your closest one.

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