Offer your Dad a David’s Tea on June 17th…for Free!

David’s Tea are running another free tea promotion, but this time it seems like it’s only going to be available to the dads out there. On June 17th, they will be offering a free cup of tea to all dads who show up in one of their stores (I’m not sure if you would have to show up with a kid or not to prove you are a dad). I couldn’t find much information about how this promo is going to work exactly, so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment if you know more than I do ;)

I know my dad likes tea, but I’m not sure he would really be willing to drink a hot tea if it’s 30 degrees on Sunday. But I think I would still prefer a sunny day than a rainy one with free tea. Anyway, this is a great promotion for all the men who appreciate tea, no matter what the weather like, eh Stephen?!?

Happy Birthday to all dads!

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