Free Denta Stix Dog Treats

Denta Stix dog treats

Dog lovers will like this little promotion from pedigree, they are offering up a coupon to get a free bag of Dentra Stix dog treats. It’s a printable coupon that you can grab from the website. It takes you a couple of minutes to register then print the coupon, it will take you a a while longer to go to your nearest store and pick them up however.

Register then Print Your Pedigree Coupon Code Here


  1. patti says:

    nope, the coupon didn’t work; kinda makes you feel you were tricked into giving info; guess i’ll call directly to pedigree and maybe they’ll mail the coupon, or even better, A FREE SAMPLE?!?!?

  2. Judi Faul says:

    i tried 2 different email addresses and passwords and your website will not allow me to print any of your coupons. I just get “try again”. Do you not allow people to pring these coupons any longer.


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