Free Fanah Face Wash

Free Face WashYou can now get 1 free sample of Fanah face wash for a limited time only. To get your freebie you simply need to fill in a sample request form using the below link and then allow 60 days to receive it. It’s as simple and easy as that. And it will get you another free beauty product sample in a size and format that is just perfect for traveling.

Get your free Fanah face wash here


  1. hc says:

    This is a scam/phishing website.

    I went to this website a few weeks ago and it mentioned Procter and Gamble in one of its menus. I emailed Procter and Gamble about this product, and they emailed back saying they are looking into it.
    I couldn’t find any other information anywhere (using a google search) about this product, nor on the P&G website.
    Now this Fanah website has the Procter and Gamble info removed.
    Do not sign up for this. SCAM!

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