Free Fries at Arby’s Restaurants!

Free Arby's Curly FriesWho knew that there was a National French Fry Day? I guess I should have known because it looks like there is a day or a week for everything these days ;) Well for everyone who didn’t know, French Fries National Day in Canada is today on July 13th. I’m really happy with this one as it means that Arby’s is giving away small curly fries for free all day long. To get your free fries, use the below link and print the coupon from Arby’s Facebook page. The link will also allow you to locate the nearest Arby’s restaurant. If you’ve never been to Arby’s before, this is your chance to give it a try.

Get your Arby’s coupon for a free curly fries

Did you find out about other promotions for the Canadian national French Fry Day? Any other coupons for free food? Share them with us and all of our users will be deeply thankful for that!

Enjoy your french fries today everyone! And happy French Fry Day!

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