Free Gluten-Free Recipe Booklet

Gluten-Free Recipe BookletNot only do you get a free “Gluten-Free” recipe booklet but these guys will also send you free coupons for money off gluten-free foods. Available in all countries.

This is a facebook freebie, alot of people are starting to get annoyed with these facebook promotions, but like I say to everyone, it’s your own fault for not having 2 facebook accounts, one for personal use, another for freebies. It takes 2 minutes guys. So all you have to do is to ‘like’ this promotion’. Then use the link below to register for a free Gluten-free recipe and coupon booklet

The freebie is from Amy’s and Lundberg Family Farms who claim to be dedicated to serving the gluten-free community. They also have a recipe contest if you’re interested.

Claim free Gluten-Free Recipe Book

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  1. Stephanie Steeves says:

    I would love a recipe book and some coupons if available!

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