Free Kinder Surprise

Free Kinder EggKinder should start to release today printable coupons to get a free Kinder Surprise egg. They have 5000 free eggs available, so hurry up if you want to get yours. ‘Like’ the Kinder Canada Facebook page and print your coupon for a free chocolate egg with a surprise toy in it.

It wasn’t available just yet when I had a look at their Facebook page, but from the information that I got it should normally be available today around mid-day. I love Kinder chocolate so this is an offer that I’m not going to miss for sure.

Claim your free Kinder Chocolate Egg

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  1. Joe A says:

    (email address not real)

    I think voucher codes should have a separate section for facebook promos. I simply refuse to use facebook. I also don’t give out personal info to sites that have *no* https (ssl) protection, unless they provide a login system.

    The above are just suggestions and thoughts. With no offense to voucher codes as I believe they are doing a great service for the community.

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