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TelusIt’s true, you can get a free laptop. There are a few conditions however. This promo (as the image above suggests) is from Telus and is available to BC and Alberta residents only (well that sucks for me).

The laptop is for the new HP G51 laptop and has the value of $600 and its free when you join Telus’s high speed internet for a 3 year term. Here are the full rundown of the T&C’s;

– Telus high-speed service must already be available where you live in B.C. or Alberta.
– The offer is available only to new customers who have not signed up for Telus high-speed Internet in the past 90 days.
– You must opt for a three-year service plan to get the laptop. If you want to cancel early, you’ll be charged $17 per month for all months remaining in your three-year term.
– The offer is available “while quantities last.” So even though the promotion is on until August 3, 2010, you should act fast to improve your chances.

Like most internet companies in Canada they run promotions with ‘bundles’ so you can normally get phone, cable and long distance plans included.

The laptop will take 2+ weeks to arrive

Read more information or sign up to this Telus Promotion here


  1. S D says:

    I signed up for this promo and did receive the laptop 4 weeks after my internet was connected. It’s a good laptop however the battery only lasts 2 hrs instead of 7 hrs advertised. I’m running it on Power Saver :S

  2. gene says:

    if i could i would switch to shaw in a minute,but most of the people in any of those companys tell you a bunch of crap, just to get your busness…telus is NOT a good company to have any dealings with, they told my wife we would recieve a lap top 4 to 6 weeks after we sign the contract it should have said 46 weeks ,because they give people the run-a-round so bad

  3. Francine Mok says:

    i have very bad experience with Telus customer service call center representative, talked to one representative regarding the telus laptop promotion with signing 3 years contract including high speed internet, home phone, and tv. One of the representative said total price will be 75 dollars per month first 3 month, 85 dollars after. however, since i was delay to pay last month bill couple days, they have to check my this month payment,if i pay on time they will offer this promotion to me, and afterward she transfer me to talk to the manager, and she PROMISSED the same thing to me.

    however, i called again in a week, talk to another customer representative Calyn, she was saying they never ever offer this promotion and there is not msg or comment made on my client info, and she did not see any comment made about i got this offer from both manager and the representative. i was requiring to talk to the manager again, and she said she will be in charge this and she will be the boss. Too bad, i have fds also just sign on 3 years contract with 75 dollars a month including tv,internet, homephone, plus long distance call and she has received laptop. and Calyn told me even we are in the same city, with same telus service, customer get treat differently, i was pretty upset with the conversation with her. Sorry, i have been used telus home phone over 8 years, never think about change to rogers or shaw, now it will change my mind cuz i feel like being cheat on it. This experience was not acceptable, and i don’t appreciate how the way i got treat and how the way they consider my business. very upset. I hope this issue can be solved as soon as possible.

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