Free Maple Leaf Bacon

Maple Leaf BaconOkay so this is a first for us here, we have never seen a free bacon offer; ever! And we thought it was super funny. The offer is from Maple Leaf who suffered a lot of lost reputation for their brand name after their food ‘issue’ last year and have been tying to claw customers back ever since. So this freebie might go some way to helping that. The offer is a facebook freebie.

The first 10,000 to claim the facebook freebie will receive theirs and there is a limit of 4 per household so hurry if you want lots of free bacon.

Get your free Maple Leaf bacon coupon


  1. Pat says:

    It seems more time than not when I receive most of these coupons for free items they are out of the product & I have only received the email. When checking out the date of the promotion, it is usually always dated a few days earlier than the day that I receive it. So what is going on? Is this just a ruse of some sort??? It is extremely annoying & I will very soon unsubscribe from these emails.

    • Anne says:

      Sorry about that. Sometimes they just run out of stock really quick, like within few days. And we’ve written this post few days earlier, but just posted it today. We’ll try to be more up to date next time!

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