Free National Post Subscription

Free National Post Subscription

The National Post are doing it again; they are offering us Canadians 2 months free subscription to their newspaper! The last promotion they did ended late last year and they extended mine to last over 3 months. So if you enjoy reading the paper then you should give the National post a try, it’s one of my favourite in Canada, and they even deliver in Quebec.

You have to complete a very short survey to be eligible for the offer, it will take you around 2 minutes to complete everything.

Get Your Free National Post Subscription Here


  1. Helen Thorn says:

    I would like to say that I like to start my day with reading the National Post first thing in the morning, with my coffee available.
    I would appreicate receiving a coupon for two months free as well. Please advise.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Helen,
      sorry if we didn’t get back to you earlier but we were off during the weekend so we don’t manage comments during this time. If you would like to get a coupon for the National post, you’ll need to contact them directly as we have no relationship at all with them. We only talked about this offer because we thought our users would appreciate it.


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