Free Nexxus Hair Care Samples

Nexxus Hair Care ProductsHere is a cheeky little promotion for visitors to get some free samples of Nexxus hair Care products.

The offer is coming from a website called (we do not know this website, but from some quick research they seem trustworthy, but take some care), who are running a promotion where visitors can win a trip to Toronto for an exclusive makeover. But when customers enter this competition and on the sign up form they click on “Yes, please send me a free sample” they will receive some free samples of Nexxus products.

As it looks like there can only be one winner for the actual trip to Toronto, the freebie seems the main draw for visitors to sign up. They should really have focused on this part of the promo.

Unfortunately this offer like many out there in Canada is not open to Quebec residents, presumably because of the competition laws in Quebec (there is a cost as well as lots of red tape to go through, it’s a real pain and one Quebec should stop). Visitors have until the 5th June 2011 to enter the competition (and thus the freebie).

Go to Cityline and enter the competition to get your free Nexxus samples

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  1. Alyson says:

    Cityline is a safe website. It’s a show that is recorded in Toronto and on tv at 9am I believe. They are always giving giveways.

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