Free Pack of Stride Gum

Stride GumI like the way this promotion is organized. As, all to often by the time people read the deal we are referring to the offer has ended, mostly to do with low stock levels from the suppliers of the promotion. So we are glad that this one works a little different. Here is how it goes;

Step 1) ‘Like’ the Stride gum page on facebook (27k liked it at the time of writing). Don’t have a facebook account; get one.

Step 2) There are 10,000 packs given away every week throughout May up until the 13th June 2011, so if you are not one of the 10k this week, simply unlike the promo and do it again the following week (our strong expert advice would be to try to ‘like’ it on a Monday morning before they run out of stock)

Step 3) Enjoy your pack of the new Stride Rite gun (dubbed the 2.0 of gum)

There is a little bonus for a lucky winner and that will be a trip to the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto. But with 27k people already entered I doubt you will get it, so our advice is not to get your hopes up. Also there is an obvious limit to one sample per person, this seems a little silly as it is impossible to like the promo more than once.

Has anyone ever tried this gum? I couldn’t find it at my local store. Let us know if you received this freebie, was it a coupon or a pack mailed to you? Like this page on facebook to show your appreciation for freebies!

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