Free Potatoes From The Little Potato Company

Free PotatoesI think this is the first potato freebie I have ever blogged about, so enjoy. These little potatoes are courtesy of the “Little Potato Company” and are perfect for potato salad or to boil or BBQ with a little butter, I like being able to put a whole potato in my mouth.

Put this free food coupon to good use. You get a free 2lb. bag of their potatoes with this coupon (note the actual coupon is on page 3 of the pdf). You have until July 1st to claim this promotion

“The Little Potato Company’s products are sold in grocery stores across Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. Find the nearest stockist to you here.”

→ Click here to print free potato coupon
~ The coupon or offer is no longer valid, please use the search feature at the top of this page to find new offers


  1. J D Bell says:

    Firstly I thought it was terrible that this company would have their product
    packaged in USA for sale in Canada. What happened to “support local farmers etc”

    Then I tasted the potatoes and immediately threw them in the garbage.

    This is a complete rip-off by an Alberta company. Who do they think they are anyway?

    [last sentence removed by admin]

  2. linda kulka says:

    I would like a coupon please and thank-you

  3. linda kulka says:

    I went everywhere all grocery stores and no one would accept the coupon for the 2 lb bag because no one carries it. could you please send me a coupon i can use .will wait for your response and as a valued customer i feel i got the run around from you. i do want to continue my buisness with you. thanks, linda

  4. Jody says:

    I tried to redeem the printed out coupon at Co-op, and Walmarts. They would not honur the coupon either. I emailed the Little Potatoe company of this, as I believe if you are trying to promote your product, they retailer should be aware of the promotion and accept these coupons. It’s going to be the wave of the future anyways. Too bad I wasted my time….

  5. Leslie says:

    I went to IGA in New Westminster. They said they have a policy not to accept internet printed coupons. The save on foods did not have this brand. So if you are making a special trip before the coupon expires July 1 2010 you should phone ahead to customer service. I am going to advised the company of this. They probably would not be happy to know this.

  6. leila says:

    only found 5lb bags at save-on foods, canadian super store

    extra foods does not sell that brand.

    would love to try the potatoes!!!

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