Free Silk Milk

Free Silk MilkSilk Milk wants to know their customers better and this is why they have released this offer that will get you free stuff as well as a printable coupon. By filling in the quick survey available through the below link, you will get a coupon that will get you a free Silk Milk carton of any flavor and a $2 off instant coupon valid on Silk products. Simply login after you’ve registered to get the two coupons. If you’ve never tried Silk Milk, you might want to check this freebie as soy is a really healthy ingredient. Chocolate and vanilla flavors are among my favourites.

Get your Free Silk Milk coupons


  1. debbie mills says:

    Hello i would love to try your product but I do not own a printer.
    Could you please send me a coupon in the mail?
    Debbie Mills
    Angus mobile park unit 96
    angus ontario
    L0M 1B3

    • Anne says:

      Hi Debbie,

      you will need to contact the company to get a coupon. Here at we’re only letting our users know about the freebies available but we’re not the ones distributing them. Many thanks.


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