Free Small McDonald’s Coffee? Yes please!

Besides being a frugalista and a gamer geek, I’m also a colossal coffee drinker. Not to the two pot a day extreme, but something doesn’t feel right if I don’t get my daily dose of java in the morning. Now, I don’t usually associate McDonalds with coffee but I’m also aware that they have made huge bounds on that front and have improved ten-fold. They even offer crazy delicious smoothies like the Blueberry Pomegranate one; that was a cool surprise to discover.

But I digress from the main exciting point; McDonalds is offering a free small coffee to customers from February 25th-March 3rd. Coffee is good but free coffee is even better. There’s also rumors I heard floating around that you can order a bigger size and they will discount the price of the small from it–face it, a small coffee isn’t enough some mornings. Just be watchful of the possible line-ups; free coffee is going to drive people in like wildfire. They are also limiting it one free coffee per client.

Vouchercodes field trip to McDonalds is currently in the works for this freebie!

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