Free Teen Fitness Program from Goodlife Fitness Canada (July and August only)

Still at a loss for ways to get your teen out of the house this summer and to stop playing Diablo 3? What about something super frugal? You can’t get more frugal than free. From July 3rd until August 31st, teens aged from 12-17 are eligible to sign up for a free fitness program, thanks to Goodlife Fitness Canada.

Parents/Legal guardians are required to fill out the online registration for their teens for legal reasons. During the registration, you will be able to choose the gym you would like your teen to start the program with. Keep in mind that there are restrictions in place and they are all listed in full detail on their site. Some aspects of the gym, like the pool for example, are not available for teens for security reasons.

This program is available 7 days a week, from 8am-4pm for teens; giving your sleepy teen enough time to wake up and make their way there.

Click here for registration and more information about the Teen Fitness program

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