Free Training your Brain for Dummies Minibook

Free MinibookI just found a freebie for you to get the ‘Training your Brain for Dummies’ minibook in PDF version for free. This guide is meant to help you improve but also maintain your brain and memory in good shape with regular exercise to fight against age-related deterioration. It presents different exercises, fitness techniques and introduce you to daily habits that will help you to reduce memory-loss. I downloaded the guide and I read a few of the tips it contains plus I did a few puzzles (and they call this work) and I thought that it was really useful. This is just the minibook, so if you like it after trying this freebie, you might want to order it in hard/paperback to enjoy all the activities it contains over and over again on the go. I found it online at for only $12.40 if ever you’re interested.

Get your free Training your Brain for Dummies book here

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