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This is a good freebie for all the Toronto Star readers out here or for everyone who was considering subscribing to this newspaper. If you own an iPad/iPhone, a Blackberry, an Android device or en ereader, you can try the Toronto Star on your device for free during 30 days. Make sure you cancel your subscription before the 30 days period ends to avoid being charge for the next month.

Subscribe to the Toronto Star for free

How many of you still have a subscription to a paper newspaper? I’m sure that this number has been going down for the past few years. I don’t own an ereader yet, but as of now I only read the newspaper on my computer and so does my friends and family. I’m tempted to think that in a few years, newspapers will be available only in an electronic version as it will cost them more money to print it than what they charge for.

What are we going to use to start our fire then? I’m guessing that we’ll still have all those publicity flyers. It seems like we just can’t get rid of them, even though we put a sign on our door.

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