Get a Free Small Coffee from Mcdonalds During the Last Week of October

Just a reminder that this deal is live starting today!

Next week, schedule yourself some extra time in the mornings to head over to your local McDonalds restaurant before heading to work or school. For a limited time, the epic promotion is back; walk into your local branch and you’ll receive a free small coffee every day for the last week of October.

It’s only at participating restaurants, so make sure to ask before asking for your free cup of Java. Also, make sure to figure in extra time in case there’s a huge line up; it doesn’t always happen, but it could. The last time this promotion ran, I never had a problem with wait times but I have heard other stories from other places.

Just walk in, smile sweetly and ask for a free coffee and it’s yours. This offer ends November 3rd.

Find a location near you.

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