Google Voice: free calls from Gmail

Google Voice

Google Voice that was released last year has now created a really cool application where you can make calls from your Gmail account. You can make phone calls in Canada and in the US for free and international calls for really cheap! I’ve had a look to the rates for international calls (2 cents to call on a land line in the UK) and it’s cheaper than with Skype. I couldn’t test it because I’m not on Gmail (I don’t know what the hell I’m still doing on Hotmail!) but according to their website it looks really easy to use.

So if you guys are on Gmail, then it’s a really cool application that allows you to save a lot of money! I also had a look to all the other applications of Google Voice and they do have a lot of really interesting ones, so I think it’s worth having a look on their website. And no more excuses for not calling your family or your girlfriend while you are on Holidays! So have fun!

More information on how to make phone calls from Gmail

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