Magnum Ice Cream Bar sampling events

magnum ice creamIf there was ever a time to ‘Like’ a post on facebook this is it (click on the icon above). This is one of those rare times where I wish I wasn’t going on holiday, because I love ice cream, and with the weather here at the moment we could certainly do with some cooling down. Magnum have come up trumps this summer by offering people that live in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal a little treat.

The free ice cream will only run as long as supplies last and only at the locations below. There may be changes. So before you go please check out the Magnum ice cream website for more info.

All Magnum ice cream bars are made with Belgium chocolate, and they have recently started a huge marketing campaign on TV. I don’t see any new flavours on their website, but you can check for the ones you will be eying up when you go to their tasting session. I hope the bars won’t be too small, it still needs to be refreshing after all.

Magnum will be holding free sampling of their ice cream events at the following locations and on the following days;

  • Saturday June 18 from 10am-7pm at Holt Renfrew Bloor in Toronto
  • Saturday, July 2 from 10:30pm-2am at Dolce in Toronto
  • Friday, July 15 from 10:30pm to 3am at Time in Montreal
  • Saturday, July 16 from, 10am-11:30pm at Boathouse Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver

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