Nesquik Coupon

nesquik bunnyMandy, one of our regular visitors (thank you again) sent us a deal from Nesquik, but we need your help determining what the deal actually is.

We have a link to an offer page on the website that is clearly giving away coupons for their product(s) but we don’t know how many coupons they have, any terms and conditions or what the coupon does. Thus why we need your help. If someone or some people could keep checking the deal page and let us know (via email or via a comment on this page would be best) when they have more coupons (i.e. you are able to fill out their coupon request form).

So this is what we have heard (but can’t verify), Nesquik is offering 5000 free coupons per week. To claim customers must fill out a form to give some info and answer a few quick questions. I will update this once we know more, we need your help!

Here is the Nesquik offer page

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