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Garnier Fructis Free sample

I have to admit, I got excited when I saw this one! I dye my hair every few months and I had trouble at first finding a shampoo and conditioner that was not only good for my hair, but also helped to keep my color more vibrant and to help it fade less quickly. A friend showed me Garnier products years ago and I’ve never looked back! So I’m excited to see a new product from them, and even more excited that it’s free.

To request your free sample of ‘Garnier damage eraser’, head over to Garnier and fill in your details for this awesome freebie. There isn’t an expiry date, but I would assume that like most freebies that this one isn’t going to last long! (click the success graph to show if it is still working or not, help the community)

Claim your Free Sample

Confidence No Matter What: Free Sample of Depend’s Silhouette or Real Fit

Are you limited in the activities you do because of a lack of protection down there from unexpected leaks? This is exactly where Depend comes in with its line of products that are equipped with all-around protection and a cotton-like fabric that looks and feels like real underwear. While supplies last, you can try a free sample of Depend Silhouette for Women or Real Fit for Men.

Try a free sample of Depend’s products.

Sleep Tight with Free Advil Nighttime Samples

This is one freebie that I wouldn’t wait too long to claim if I were you, because we have no idea when it will end or how many of them are actually available. You can order yours if you are 18 years old and older and if you don’t live in province of Quebec (as it is not available there). I think I can hear you shouting: “get to the freebie already, we don’t even know what it’s about”, okay okay, hold your horses. The offer is for Advil Nighttime Samples, for the grand cost of zero.

Have you tried these before? I hit a difficult patch in my life a while back and I had trouble sleeping, so I actually tried these sleeping tablets and I thought they helped me to initially get to sleep (didn’t help resolve the underlying issue obviously). Just be careful not to try them during the day though, unless you have time for a little power nap ;)

Get your free Advil Nighttime sample

It always surprises me that we’re allow to order medication by mail, because anyone could order them, even though they say you need to be 18 years old and older, you don’t need to prove it. I thought this would be something illegal or at least frowned upon even though you can get them at your local pharmacy, I think it would have been better as a printable coupon, that’s just me though.

Don’t Miss Out On Free Sample of Advil Liqui-Gels

Do the holidays have you a little bit stressed and giving you a slight headache? Make your shopping experience a little bit easier on you and your head with this awesome little freebie. For a limited time, pick up a free sample of Advil Liquid Gels and say goodbye to that stressful pain for good by kicking it in the butt.

The main ingredient in Advil is ibuprofen, a common pain-killer that helps relieve even the toughest of pains. Because the capsules are in a gel format, it releases medication quicker than it’s solid counterparts and thus helps you with your aches and pains even quicker.

Quebec residents are excluded from this offer, sadly.

Free Advil
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2x Free Kraft Dinners!

I read a great article the other day about Kraft Dinner being called the de facto national dish of Canada, with more sales than anywhere else on the planet, in fact 55% more than Americans! ~ Source

So Canadians might just snap this deal up. This deal is courtesy of No Frills Canada (find your nearest store here). At the moment they have Kraft Dinners on sale for only $0.48 a box.

Now, here is the clever bit. Right now at the same time there is a Kraft Diner coupon on the Kraft website. And customers that use the coupon can get a packet of Kraft Dinner Macaroni and Cheese at $1 off when you buy 2! So if my math is right customers can get 2 free packets when the coupon is used at No Frills!

Get your $1 off Kraft Dinner Coupon here.

Try Quickbooks Free for 60 Days & Spend Less Time Bookkeeping

Managing the finances of a small company doesn’t have to take long and tedious afternoon to accomplish, especially when accounting software like Intuit’s Quickbooks are at your disposition. For those skeptical about learning a new method of keeping your business on track, you can try Quickbooks Online absolutely free for 60 days.

Speaking of accounting, with the deadline for tax filing quickly advancing, have you filed your taxes yet? For those who haven’t, be sure to read our tip article on the filing them yourselves vs. hiring a professional.

Try Quickbooks free for 60 days
Expires: Ongoing

Quickbooks’ software is great no matter the size of the business: whether a 1-man ship or even one that is on the rise. The best part is that no math or accounting knowledge is needed whatsoever!

Quickbooks Benefits

On top of the many other benefits, one that stands out the most is Quickbooks’ efficiency and speed as it’s much faster than manual bookkeeping: “you spend less time on everyday tasks, and less time looking for information“.

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with Quickbooks’ latest promotions with our page dedicated to their deals.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you plan on trying Quickbooks Online or if you have used it for your business.

Edit: Originally published on: Apr 24, 2013 @ 7:34. Updated to keep content fresh.

Join the Nestle Baby Program and Get Freebies

I’m reposting this for new eyes as one of my friends recently had a baby and was checking our site for baby related goodies and didn’t see this offer which is still valid (it’s been valid for years, let’s hope it stays that way). So here’s a quick post to tell you how you could get freebies from Nestle Canada. The program will help you to get the following: coupons and samples, the ‘nestle Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’ baby feeding guide, diaper bag with change pad, a sample of infant formula (milk based or a soy based) and customized emails with tips, tools and videos.

If you’re interested in signing up to the program, it takes around 5 minutes, simply use the below link. This really is a good tool to save money as a mom/dad and enjoy some freebies without even having to order them.

Sign up to the Nestle Baby program here

Are you enrolled into the program? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts about the Nestle Baby program here. From feedback the pack usually takes quite some time to arrive, maybe a month or more, so plan ahead.

Free 3M Coverall

I really like this freebie. So much so that I ordered it myself. So I can say with experience that it takes roughly 30 seconds to fill out the form (for the average typist). This freebie comes from 3M, you know, the makers of like…. everything. It’s for a free ‘sample’ of a flame resistant disposable coverall! Not that most of us will actually need the flame resistant part, but it’s cool none the less, and from the image it looks like a fairly good piece of kit and quality. It’s breathable and is meant to protect from light hazardous dusts, liquids and the like. It’s anti-static and has elastic ankles, cuffs and waist for a nice secure fit and a zipper. You know what? It is just the bees knees of disposable coveralls, great for painting or sanding or plastering, any DIY projects really. And it’s free!

Recommend this to friends too. This 3M freebie deserves to be shared with the rest of Canada. And it will only take 4-6 weeks for the sample to arrive.

Get a free Coverall from 3M.

Free Pack of Midnight Mint gum

I couldn’t verify this offer as I couldn’t find anything about it on their Facebook page. But we had word that Dentyne is giving away a free pack of Midnight Mint gum for every ‘Like’ they get. Apparently freebie hunters simply need to like their page to claim the offer.

This is what the offer says on Google: “It’s back! If you dare to send a friend a ridiculously fresh pick up line we’ll reward your bravery with a pack of Midnight Mint gum”. So I’m not sure if it’s 100% necessary to actually send a pickup line to a friend or not. Let us know when you try it! Limited 1 order per household and unfortunately if you ordered a sample during the summer of 2013 or in November when it was last run you are ineligible. Also, there are limited stocks, so you might want to hurry.

Get a free pack of Midnight Mint gum from Dentyne.

Free Johnson & Johnson Bundle Kit

While their site is super duper slow, the offers still swayed me to bear through it. is the website, it’s run by Johnson & Johnson, and it’s their portal to give away freebies and run promotions. I signed up for their latest one, which I wanted to share with you all today. It’s for a free J&J bundle kit (not sure what’s actually in this kit but they produce many popular products).

Once you’re at the website you will need to sign in or to register (estimated time around 1 minute), and again this whole process takes some time and you may encounter some errors (hint: refresh the error page to send the details again), so it’s good to be multitasking on this one. From there, you can claim the freebie by following their instructions, if you ever get lost, go back to the homepage and start again.

I hate this, but there is 1 catch: you must refer at least 1 friend, and that friend has to register for you to actually receive the bundle :(. I hate chain offers, so please make sure the person(s) you send the offer to is okay with this. Of course you can always be cheeky and find a way around this.

I’m not sure how fast this offer will go, they have around 50,000 packs available, so I expect this offer to last a week or so, depending on popularity.

Get a free Johnson & Johnson bundle kit.

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