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Flickr Now Offering 1TB of Free Storage to All Users

As one of the most popular websites for the sharing of personal images, Flickr recently underwent a massive transformation in terms of design as well as with the benefits of being a member.

In fact, all registered users are provided with 1 TB of storage absolutely free of charge!

The availability of so much storage, albeit only for pictures or video clips, greatly trumps other giants in the field such as Google and Facebook and has turned Flickr into a worthy contender, despite a number of criticisms over the new layout – although, isn’t almost every new layout much hated at first (i.e. Facebook’s ever-changing look)?

Register with Flickr to gain access to 1TB of free storage.

Skip The Birthday Suit and Try Instead a Free Sample Woolite’s Darks Detergent

I’m sure you have all seen Woolite’s Naked Town commercial and needless to say, you can obviously skip the birthday suit.

As the title suggests, claim a free 60ml sample of Woolite’s Darks detergent to try out the provocatively advertised brand for yourself. Just make sure to comment below with your thoughts on it.

According to its website: “it effectively cleans and cares for your dark clothes. Its formula cleans and helps maintain the original colour intensity of your dark clothes. It won’t cause fading, shrinking or stretching, so dark colours stay vivid and clothes look new longer“.

Since you have absolutely nothing to lose with a free sample, you might as well give this product a try!

Register to claim your free sample of Woolite Darks.

Be Unforgettable with a Free Sample of Downy’s Unstopables

Add some feisty freshness like never before to your laundry with a free sample of Downy’s Unstopables, to help keep fabrics smelling “wow” right up until the next wash.

Though it may not be advisable for those with sensitive skin or allergies, these little scent boosters work best on towels, blankets, activewear and more.

Be sure to check out Jimmy’s mission to prove that Unstopables lasts for 12 real weeks.

Like Downy’s Facebook page and claim a free sample of Unstopables.

Be Active with Boost & Get a Free Welcome Kit

Staying active and maintaining a well-balanced diet are among the best options for leading a healthy lifestyle. Boost can help you stay on track, especially since it can be somewhat challenging to pack in all of the required nutrients into one day.

Since regular exercise is also just as important as your diet, be sure to take a look at Boost’s list of activities.

Boost Stay FitJust for registering, you will receive:

  • Useful tips to stay fit;
  • A pedometer;
  • Savings on the next purchase of BOOST.

Get a free Be Active Welcome Kit here.

Gloriously Fragrant – Free Sample of Gucci’s Flora Perfume

For those shopping around for a new perfume, then order a fee sample of Gucci’s Flora Glorious Mandarin.

A scent made primarily of mandarin, it also features subtle hints of jasmine and pina colada, it’s sure to catch anyone’s attention as you pass by!

Although it’s rather unclear if it’s a true sample of the perfume or just a “peel and smell” kind of promotion — either way, it’s a win-win situation as you get to smell it for absolutely free to figure out if you like it!

Claim a free sample of Gucci’s Flora Glorious Mandarin.

My My, How Can I Resist You? Free Mamma Mia Tea at David’s Tea

Just in time for Mother’s Day, David’s Tea has released an incredible promotion: on orders of $50 or more, you will be given 50g of free Mamma Mia Tea.

According to their description of the tea:

This bright, rosy-pink tea has everything you need to feel loved. There’s calming hibiscus, warming cinnamon and reassuring rooibos. Sweet pineapple, papaya and peaches. Comforting rosehips, apples, elderberries and raisins. Uplifting mallow blossoms. Supportive orange peel. Caring pieces of coconut and almond. It’s a jumble of love and support and happiness. Word to your mamma. Caffeine-free.

Find your nearest David’s Tea with their handy store locator.

Of course, we just couldn’t resist sharing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” video, released in 1975:

Find out more about David’s Tea Mother’s Day free tea at their Facebook page.

Treat Your Kitty to a Delicious Meal with a Free Meow Mix Paté Topper

Featuring rich paté and shreds of real seafood or poultry, even the fussiest of kitty cats is guaranteed to love Meow Mix’s Paté Topper.

Personally, my cats go absolutely insane as soon as they hear the crinkling sound of Meow Mix’s treats and I am absolutely certain that yours will love the toppers.

According to their website’s description:

Give your cat the perfect mix of ingredients, tastes and textures they crave with Meow Mix® Paté Toppers™ wet cat food. Real seafood, poultry or meat blended with gravy into a rich paté and topped with bite-sized morsels of real seafood or poultry. Just peel the lid and watch your cat meet the meal of his dreams.

The only problem is that once your cat hears the sound of the lid peeling, the connection between it and the meal of his dreams will forever be imprinted in his brain. Peel at your own risk!

Claim your free sample of Paté Topper by liking Meow Mix’s Facebook page.

Say Anything with a Free Engraving on a New iPod or iPad

The versatility behind Apple’s iPods and iPads places both products pretty high on the list of the best Mother’s Day gifts. However, since mothers and dare we say, women in general, yearn for meaning in everything, then Apple’s free offer might just propel your 2013 present to the top of the pack.

Though there’s no mention of the promotion’s length, you can add a free laser engraving to any new iPod or iPad for up to 34 characters along with signature gift wrapping on the purchase of any new iPod or iPad at

Free Apple Engraving

Just be sure to tick the “This is a gift” option, followed by “Apple Gift Package” provided during the check-out process to be directed to the appropriate page.

Find out more about the details of Apple’s promotion for free engraving and order here.

Color and Protect with John Frieda’s Free Sample

Is your hair in need of a boost? Try a sample of John Frieda’s Precision Foam Color and Shampoo ($20 value) absolutely free. Hailed by many online as their absolute favorite brand, it’s definitely worth a try, especially considering it’s absolutely free! To claim the free sample, you first need to upload a picture of yourself that clearly shows off your current hair color to their Facebook page, available at the link below.

The Precision Foam Color is the first ever premium permanent home hair color that uses foam technology to deliver salon-quality results at home. With 30 flattering shades to choose from, achieving flawless, natural-looking results at home has never been quicker or easier.

In case you’re worried about which shade is ideal for you, take a look at John Frieda’s informational guidance video. Also, be sure to read through their helpful tips to achieve salon results.

Try a free sample from John Frieda’s Precision Foam Color & Shampoo.

Do Good, Get Good: Free Starbucks Coffee or Tea for Earth Day

Today only, on Earth Day 2013, Starbucks is giving out a free brewed coffee or tea to anyone who brings a re-usable coffee mug (tumbler, travel mug, etc.).

Find out where your nearest Starbucks is with the handy store locator.

Speaking of which, though it makes sense to think that bold coffee has the most caffeine, did you know that it’s actually the opposite? Lighter brews hold the most caffeine as the longer beans are roasted, the more caffeine is lost.

So, when the Starbucks baristas ask: “what kind”, which will be your answer to this daily asked question?

Bring any re-usable cup and savor a free coffee or tea at participating Starbucks locations.

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