P&G Try Before you Buy Sampler is on the Horizon

Update October 9th: It’s now live! Make sure to get your samples before they are gone!

P&G Brandsampler has gone through an over-haul and has adopted a new name–or they are hiding from someone, hence the name change–along with some new samples. The ‘Try before you buy sampler’ is looming on the horizon, just waiting to snatch you up and take you away to the land of freebies. Granted, I don’t think we’ll complain about the idea of getting items for free.

My frugality level took a hit when the last Brandsampler was available; I missed it completely and didn’t pick up any of the awesome samples. I had friends who were boasting about their haul and what they got, and I was left in a corner wondering how on earth could I have missed this glorious event.

But no more. The page is bookmarked and I’m checking constantly for updates. Stay tuned for more information as they are released, like which items are going to be available and how long the promotion is running for.

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