Put your Kids to Work; Build a Bulletin Board at Home Depot

It’s about that time of year; the dreaded point where the kids start announcing that they are “Boooreeddddd”. The pool doesn’t seem fun anymore, toys have lost their appeal and playing another round of hide and seek is just not the same anymore. Here is a way you can occupy the little critters; take them to a workshop instead at Home Depot. Put them to work and have them learn something at the same time.

If you didn’t know, Home Depot has weekly workshops for both kids and adults alike that are completely free and all the materials are provided for you. This particular weekend’s activity for kids is learning how to build a Bulletin board with just glue and a hammer. Kids workshops are open to children aged 4-12 and an adult must be with them.

I wonder if the kids will be able to build anything like this roller coaster. Perhaps I should also check to see if they run a similar apprenticeship at nationwide auto shop, I would love to help my fictional kids upgrade their electric car.

Bulletin Board

There are plenty of neat workshops coming up in the next few months, like learning how to build a fire truck for kids and how to install insulation for adults. There’s also a frugal-friendly workshop running the whole month of September about how to paint a room for only $99. I’ve been looking into painting my new space when I move, so I just might take a look at this workshop!

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