Skinny Cow Free Coupon

skinny cow coupon Skinny Cow are running a facebook coupon for customers to get a free single serve cup of Skinny Cow (choice of Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Cookies ‘n Cream flavour).

Customers have until June 19th to claim the coupon from facebook and also to use the coupon. Customers obviously need to ‘Like’ this promo on facebook. Each cup contains around 150 calories, so it’s not as fattening as most of the ice creams out there.

Claim your free cup of Skinny Cow

Find more info about Skinny Cow here. They have a funky where to buy section where customers can enter their postal code to find out their closets place to buy the ice cream, handy if like me you don’t know where to claim it. It’s important for some to know that this is a Nestle company, love them or hate them.

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