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ufileTax season is just around the corner so we thought it prudent to do a post about Ufile the online and downloadable (and in CD) tax software. Some people think that Quicktax is better (that link get’s you quicktax for free) and in French Impotrapide but if you want something super simple and popular for free then Ufile might just do the job. And some people (not all) can get Ufile for free, those included are ones who earn below the $20,000 threshold, post secondary education students (still studying) and seniors. Now it is only free on the 26th February, so bookmark this day in your calendar and go to Ufile.ca on this day to claim your free version, if not use the below coupons or try quicktax.

Ufile Voucher Code

$2 Off Code

Details: Customers get $2 off UFile Online with this code.

Code: UF022A2C92
Expiry date: Unknown

$4 Off Code

Details: Customers get $4 off all purchases with this code.

Code: UF04C01AXR
Expiry date: Unknown

Other Ufile Codes

Free tax filing. Use this voucher code “FAY1493”. Income for the 2009 period must be lower than $20,000 to qualify.

Save $5: Use this voucher code “UF05DF1AXR” when you buy Ufile, when you print or NETFILE your tax return to save $5.00.


  1. The above codes are no longer valid, and the FAY code is specifically for students and put in a different place. Please see below for a valid code for tax year 2015:
    Save $2 off UFile Online, single or family return, for Tax Year 2015 with code – H9Z302Z014
    This is valid until may 2nd 2016

  2. Lauren says:

    UF04C01AXR works for $4 off. Valid as of May 7th, 2011 for 2010 tax returns
    UF05DF1AXR says invalid when you pay

  3. Sherry says:

    April 9. $5 code doesn’t work, but the $4 one did.

  4. Dianne (another one) says:

    Discount code worked for me too. I have used it twice now.

    I changed to ufile a few years ago from Quicktax when Quicktax was jacking up their price. I have had no problems with ufile at all.

  5. Karen says:

    I do not know how anyone can say that QuickTax is better than UFile. I have used it for a couple of years and it is so much easier to get your tax return done. When I switched from QuickTx I thought “This is different. but in fact it was better. Cheaper and easier.

    Thanks for the $4 discount, Dianne.

  6. Graeme says:

    Dianne’s code worked for a $4 discount, better than nothing, thanks

  7. Dianne says:

    I just used a code for the 2010 tax year and it worked! The code is UF04C01AXR and it’s good for $4.00 off the ufile program. Enjoy!

  8. Saphora says:

    The code was not valid

  9. chalk1980 says:

    I entered the code, and the code indicated it would take $5 off, but when I clicked pay, it said it wasn’t valid.

  10. Jady says:

    Did not work not valid

  11. Anonymous says:

    not valid for me :(

  12. Anonymous says:

    UF05DF1AXR worked for me! 5$ discount!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It works UF05DF1AXR – 5.00$ UGH!!

  14. cass says:

    i got told its not valid

  15. Milo says:

    did not work for me…is there a waiting time?

  16. Leanne says:

    did not work for me :(

  17. J Smith says:

    Code works! Thanks! Caramel machioto here I come!

  18. UF05DF1AXR will give you 5 dollars off

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